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Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are usually presented in two-dimensional form (like maps and plans).

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Town types

Settlements, villages, towns and cities don't appear out of nowhere. They are responses to the needs of people and the landscape that surrounds them. From these needs and landscapes, each type of town has developed distinctive characteristics which can be seen throughout all layers of the urban structure – from the skeleton through to aspects of form.

Some of the main types of town are:
  • Medieval walled cities
  • Market Towns
  • Seaside towns
  • Blocks and Zone
  • New Towns
  • Garden Cities

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Transport infrastructure

Main transport infrastructure is a major part of the skeleton of a place. Big infrastructure decisions like building new train lines and stations have a significant impact on the neighbourhoods within which they sit, as well as on the larger region. This means that the design, siting and orientation of:
  • airports
  • rail or tube stations
  • roads
and so on are critically important to the overall character of a place.

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