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Balancing streets

We should be designing and managing our streets to support least energy hungry modes of travelling. In other words more walking, cycling, bus and train use, and less cars, please. We should also recognise that many streets play a role as outside living and community spaces, they are not just used for movement.

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Balancing your assessment

What happens when you find a scheme is good in some ways but bad in others? This happens all the time as designers look to meet potentially competing objectives.

For example, we used to think cul de sacs were successful because they offered a lot of security – nobody went into them who was not going to one of the buildings they served, everyone could see who was coming and going and so on. BUT, the safety in the middle of the cul de sac was at the expense of dead and unsafe areas around its outside.

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Building control regulation

In 1666 a small shop in Pudding Lane, London caught fire and so began The Great Fire of London. The fire spread very quickly through the tightly packed timber buildings.

In 1667, in the aftermath of the fire, the first legislation to control building construction was born, requiring all buildings to incorporate fire resistance.

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Building for Life

Building for Life provides assessment criteria in the form of a series of questions. These questions relate to big housing schemes only and are grouped into four sets (each containing five questions):
  • environment and community
  • character
  • streets, parking and pedestrianisation
  • design and construction
Building for Life is a partnership between several national agencies. It is led by CABE and the Home Builders Federation.

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