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Everyone has a favourite place, and those places are important to us for different reasons, those reasons are the qualities that describe what makes places special. Equally there are places that make us uncomfortable, unhappy or that we simply don't like.

Take a moment to share your places with us, whatever your feelings about them.

You can describe the place and add photographs and links. You can also comment on other entries, after all, not everyone agrees on these things!


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Avoca, Co. Wicklow

Better known as Ballykissangel. What a beautiful well-kept place.


Bamburgh beach

A beautiful, unspoilt beach with fantastic views of Bamburgh Castle, Lindisfarne, The Farne Islands and the Northumberland Coast.

Even better for the fact that it is rarely crowded and local residents clean the beach every day.

Beverley Minster

Gothic Architecture at its best!

Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow

A stone's throw south of Dublin, but another world away!


Cape Town

A fantastic city with a mountain right in the middle of it, creating its own weather and a spectacular backdrop for sundowners.

Chirk, Shropshire

The spectacular canal aquaduct and railway viaduct high above the Ceiriog Valley.  The railway viaduct was built higher than the canal, supposedly to highlight the superiority of the railway.

Conwy, North Wales

Superb castle and walls against a backdrop of sea and mountains.



The past meets the future as you walk along the River Liffey. The Famine Memorial statues along the Custom House Quay with a very modern backdrop.


Edinburgh skyline

I love this view of the Edinburgh skyline, taken from Salisbury Crags and looking out towards the Firth of Forth.  A great mix of city and hills, with the streets laid out before you!


Fairfield Horseshoe Ridge, Lake District

The Fairfield Horseshoe Ridge with the Grasmere-Keswick Road far below in the valley.  Roads always look marvellous from this helicopter view!  (Taken from Helm Crag, Lake District)

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